Hostesses & Steward

Hostesses and Steward

Hostesses and Stewards

Our hostess and steward staff will facilitate the smooth running of private, cultural, corporate and wedding events. It carries out reception, image, promoter and interpreting duties. We offer a service of excellent presence, with excellent linguistic knowledge, able to interface with an international audience. We select and train professional figures, with a refined, elegant and refined appearance, providing clothing
adapted to every need of our customers


We offer security services in various areas: private residences, fairs, congresses, conferences, political events, exhibitions, exhibitions, inaugurations, private events, sporting events, fashion, and weddings. Our highly qualified staff aims to ensure peace of mind in any environment hosting the event, closed or open, always responding to the logic of safety and usability in line with current regulations. We can also provide a personalized stewarding service to customers who request it, directly taking care of selecting and training the staff.


We provide excellent and competent nautical staff to welcome and assist in private yachts and yacht shows throughout Europe.
Our specialized and multilingual hostesses are generally hired to welcome and register guests, provide sales support to dealers, offer potential customers guided boat tours, provide customer hospitality.


Our reception staff have a natural predisposition to contact customers, patience, courtesy and diplomacy. In addition to communication and interpersonal skills, there are also organizational, coordination and planning skills. Our staff is in charge of welcoming and welcoming guests, offering them information and suggestions regarding their needs.


We put our experience gained in the field of interpreting services at your complete disposal, helping you to maximize the benefits of effective communication on a global scale. Our interpreting services are carried out exclusively by qualified professionals and cover all the needs of the sector: in addition to the more classic interpreting methods, such as face-to-face interpreting, we have developed new cutting-edge techniques, such as video interpreting. and telephone interpreting, to always maintain our quality standards while satisfying the needs of our customers.

Private Drive

We offer our customers the highest level of assistance and personalized private driver service to ensure successful business or leisure travel. Our service professionals are dedicated to making travel more enjoyable and comfortable, satisfying the needs of the most discerning traveler. The chauffeur service and tour options we offer include a wide range of luxury sedans, minivans, minibuses and on request even super cars.

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