44 Berkeley Square di Londra.

This place that hides a grandiose interior architecture, has seen passing by since the sixties, members of the royal family in disguise, beginners in search of thrills, aristocratic flambeurs, all the gratin of fashion, dozens of illegitimate couples … and even a queen. Mark Birley, son of the high society painter Oswald Birley, realized an old dream of his and opened his private night club in the basement of the club, with the help of five hundred members, which he named after his young wife, Lady Annabel.

Mark Birley really gave the night world a gift. A crazy perfectionist who made Annabel the perfect place to hang out with her friends. Everything was defined in detail: the décor recreated the typical English living room, with large red velvet sofas and white-clad butlers who knew the names of the guests and anticipated their tastes, always bringing their favorite cocktail in the right glass. The spaces were filled with luxury objects and paintings of dogs, horses and young women from nearby auctions (Sotheby’s and Christie’s). Unlike some legendary clubs that will revolutionize the night in the late seventies, at Annabel there are precise rules of high society, only members are allowed: no social mix at the entrance. Perfect dinners, chic and intimate, very popular. Some members of the more or less rebellious English royal family spend their nights there, such as the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne. Annabel’s is the only night club in the world that Queen Elizabeth II has visited. In 2003, she would have bought a lemon-free gin martini at the club. Also, in 1986, Fergie and Princess Diana would enter the club dressed as police officers. Annabel’s, from the beginning, is a legend for being a dream totally inaccessible to the English tabloids: no journalist, no photographer, no paparazzo is accepted inside, consequently there are no photos of the club’s first thirty years.

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Brilliant Flying Tourbillon

The Brilliant Flying Tourbillon is a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship and spectacular high-end watchmaking. The bold, imaginative and alluring feminine watch features a brightly colored dial showing the one-minute flying tourbillon carriage with a 100-hour power reserve. The stunning case is invisibly set with 403 baguettes and a beautiful rose cut of natural gemstones. 18 specimens in the world. #catchmeifyoucan  #luxury  #events #travel  #luxuryevents #luxurytravel #followme #portocervo #styleinspiration #yachtparty #luxurywatch #jacobandco #amazingwatch


On the tranquil western coat of Phuket beside the Andaman Sea, Amanpuri Villas are harmoniously nestled within a pocket of lush tropical vegetation – an idyllic sanctuary combining Thai tradition and timeless serenity. Designed to echo the Buddhist architecture of ancient Ayutthaya, the villas are discreetly secluded, promising unparalleled privacy and peace. Located at the tip of the peninsula, the Ocean Villas offer sweeping views of the Andaman Sea, while the Garden Villas are surrounded by lush tropical flora and shaded by towering coconut palms. An iconic property and independent sanctuary 30 minutes drive from the hotel. ‘Phuket International Airport, which is revealed with a secluded white sand beach, one of the most beautiful in Phuket, a refined range of wellness, sports and medical programs tailored to meet personal goals.

Japanese, Italian, South American, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine welcomes guests from all over the world, with world-class water sports specialists and equipment. #luxurytravel #luxurytraveller #luxuryplaces #maldives #luxuryexperience #tailormedexperience #experience #luxurylifestyle #luxurylife #luxuryhotel #tophotels #topdestinations  #aman #amanpuri #thailand