When you are always connected and on the go, time is a luxury to which today you can no longer give up. We work to support our members at 360° in their everyday life by offering exclusive services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thanks to an accurate network of contacts and international relations, DEA provides its customers with authentic and privileged experiences. Whether it’s chartering a yacht or a private jet, getting a seat in the front row at an exclusive event, to organize business trips and dream holidays or book a starred restaurant at the last minute, our DEA lifestyle managers will translate the needs and dreams of our customers into tailor-made experiences.


Rental & Buy

We offer our clients unlimited access to the world of luxury, aiming to constantly exceed their expectations. Our DEA lifestyle managers will provide yachts, private jets, super cars, limited editions of luxury watches, rare collectibles and unique gifts for that special someone for any occasion.

Travel & Real Estate

We love to cultivate direct bonds with our customers and transform their lifestyles into personal and unique experiences. Our traveln specialists will find the most exclusive global destinations tailored to the wishes of each individual DEA customer. From hotels to luxury

Luxury Events

EXPERIENCE, PASSION, RELIABILITY AND EXCELLENCE are the keywords with which we create exclusive events. We offer first-class service and plan international events. As an event designer, it is our job to understand our clients’ vision and turn it into unique experiences.

Hostesses & Stewards

Our staff of excellent presence and highly qualified, will be able to support our customers in carrying out reception, image, security and private drive tasks during corporate and private events. Whether it’s a meeting, a convention, an event, a sports or charity award ceremony, our staff will take care of welcoming your guests in the best possible way.


With excellent knowledge in the luxury industry, we offer a wide range of bespoke services designed to support our high-end clients. Our highly qualified staff works with care and dedication respecting the needs, times and privacy of our customers.


Luxury has different meanings for different people and this is particularly important to us. We work on your emotions, your habits and your desires. We want to make your trip a real tailor made experience personalized in every detail. We operate in the most exclusive locations in Italy, the South of France, the Balearic Islands and Morocco.

Turn your life into an extraordinary experience



With excellent knowledge in the luxury sector, we offer a wide range of tailor made services designed to transform the needs of our customers, individuals and companies, in revolutionary experiences. Without compromising on quality, we are agile problem solvers. Paying attention to every detail, we are committed with passion to involve leading companies from every sector in our mission, loyal partnerships with the most recognized brands globally: from nautical to real estate, from exclusive events to the rental of top cars and private jets.